Did you know?

That the food you provide, and the manner in which you serve it can actually cut your proceeds by at least 25%?


That if you set up your silent auction using the wrong style of table, you will generate less bids?


That the placement of your best live auction items is critical to your auction's success?


That there are ways to maximize the revenue generated from a simple raffle?


That if you leave the auctioneering duties to a committee member, or to a "popular" member of the community, you are likely to leave thousands of dollars on the table?


That in most cases if you hire a "local celebrity" such as a news anchor or radio DJ to act as the auctioneer, their fee will be many, many times more than that of Nazzaro Auctions, and their presence will not generate greater attendance? 


That Rick Nazzaro will work for you strictly as an auctioneer on the day or evening of the event, or will work with your committee from the planning stages right through to the sale of the last auction item?


That there are no upfront fees for professional auctioneering services?  Rick will work with you to determine, from a list of many methods of payment, which is the best option for your event.


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